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About Me

Awaiting Priscilla
Hi! I’m Krissy, the self-proclaimed “Queen B” of B.Inspired Mama. Let me give you a little background behind B.Inspired. My life has been full and blessed. Surrounded by sunflowers on a summer day in 2003, I married my best friend. My husband supported me as I worked hard to attain both my Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in Art Education. After graduating with my Masters, I taught visual arts to 7-12th graders in a great, rural high school. I developed from an art student to an artist to a wife to an art educator. I was passionate about art and strived to foster that in my students. Yet I never knew true love, or how my life would change, until I set eyes on my newborn son in the fall of 2006 and my newborn daughter in the fall of 2008. Now, my priorities, and what inspires and excites me, have changed. A job change for my husband, and subsequent relocation of our family, has inspired me to stay home with my kids and bring my dream of B.Inspired Mama to life! B.Inspired Mama allows me to follow my creative musings between the housework, diaper changing, and playdates that is my wonderful “normal life.”

One Response to “About Me”

  1. Hi Krissy! Thanks for sharing my site with your readers. Wishing you and yours much happiness this year and beyond.

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