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Six Stellar Sticker Activities

Posted by Krissy on June 16, 2009

Most toddlers are fascinated with stickers, and my Sawyer is no exception.  Every time I see a pack on sale, I grab it for our overflowing sticker collection.  Stickers provide an easy go-to activity for every busy mom; just give your little one a piece of paper and sheet of stickers and get their lunch prepared or the floor mopped without fuss.  But there are so many more things you can do with stickers to make them even more fun and creative.  Here are six ideas to take sticker-fun above and beyond that plain old piece of paper!


1.  Create Lines & Patterns

Help your little one build fine motor skills and even early math skills by encouraging them to place their stickers in lines and patterns.  Start by drawing or having them draw one long line on the paper and show them how to place their stickers in a row covering the snaking line.  Show them how to create a pattern along the line (i.e. one Elmo, then one Big Bird, then one Elmo sticker, and so on).  But be careful not to hinder their creative fun by forcing them to stay on the line or with the pattern if they really aren’t into it. 

5.  Start with a Background

Instead of just handing your little one a blank piece of paper every time (not that it’s a bad idea once in awhile), give her a background to start with.  Use a sheet from a coloring book or a page from a magazine.  Have her draw something first.  Or if you’re really feeling ambitious, draw the background yourself.  My son’s favorite is when I draw him a winding road or choo choo tracks for his car, truck or train stickers.  But try playing up the silly factor by pairing backgrounds with unlikely stickers, like sea life stickers on an outserspace scene.

3.  Create a Reward Chart

Stickers are a great reward for good behavior.  Let your little one see her accomplishments add up by adding her stickers to a reward chart.  You can start with just a blank sheet of paper, a self-drawn design (of course, our design of choice is always the road and train tracks), or even design and print off a free chart from ChoreCharts.com.

4.  Decorate Cards & Gifts

Let your little ones in on the gift-giving by having them decorate cards and gift-wrapping with stickers.  Use inexpensive blank notecards, plain gift bags, or even recycle paper grocery bags for wrapping paper.  Match the stickers to the interests of the gift recipient for a personal touch. 

We used stickers to transform this wipes container into a potty training reward treasure box.

We used stickers to transform this wipes container into a potty training reward treasure box.

5.  Decorate 3-D Objects

You don’t always have to think flat when it comes to stickers.  With just a few fun stickers, recycled wipes boxes become magical treasure chests and empty plastic water bottles become dazzling vases.  The sky’s the limit!

6.  Make Your Own

Give your little one some markers or crayons and a sheet of plain white labels to easily create their own stickers.  Or cut their already made creations into smaller shapes and run them through a sticker maker.  Just don’t waste time and money on those poor quality kids sticker making kits.  Invest in a Xyron Sticker Machine(which can be found with the scrapbooking supplies and actually costs about the same amount anyway) so you can use it for your arts and crafts, too!

Leave a comment and let us know what your little one’s favorite sticker activities are!

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Wordless Wednesday: The First Print

Posted by Krissy on June 3, 2009

Sawyer, at 17 months of age, enjoys his first finger-painting print!
First inger-paint Print

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Five Ways to Up the Finger-Painting Fun Factor

Posted by Krissy on June 2, 2009

Photo courtesy of Flávio Takemoto

Photo courtesy of Flávio Takemoto

I bet you didn’t know you could make finger-painting even MORE fun!  Here are five simple ways to do just that:

1.  Add Texture

Mix a bit of sand, salt or glitter into the paint to add visual and tactile texture.

 2.  Use Patterned Paper

Patterned scrapbooking paper makes a perfect, sturdy base for goopy finger-paint.  And the pattern showing through the paint adds interest and depth to the finished creation.

3.  Pull a Print

Let your little one paint directly on the table or a tray, then press the paper onto it and pull it off to make your little one’s first print. 

4.  Make a Mirror Image

Have your little one paint only on one half of a piece of paper.  Then fold it in half, smooth it down with your hands, and open it up to see a mirrored image of what she painted.  Thank Crayola for this great idea, and check out their site for more!

5.  Paint on a Window or Mirror

Add a little dish soap to the paint for easier cleanup and let you little one go to town on a window or mirror.  You could even pull a print (see #3 above) from their creation.

If you’re really ambitious, head on over to Tipnut.com to find 5 homemade finger-paint recipes!

Leave a comment and let me know how you & your little one have fun finger-painting!

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Mama Loves Monday: Stickers

Posted by Krissy on June 1, 2009

Clever Product

Dress Up Doll Wall Decals

Dress Up Dolls Removeable Wall Decals

What little girl wouldn’t LOVE these Dress Up Doll Removable Wall Decals by Mae on their bedroom or playroom wall?  Even my little guy would get a real kick out of them.  I could see an entire line of these in different genders and occupations.  Too, cool!

Crafty Project

Transportation Sticker Scene

Sticker Road

Sawyer has taken a sudden interest in stickers, particularly stickers pertaining to transportation!  He loves it when I draw a simple road or railroad tracks on a piece of paper for him to create a transportation scene with his stickers.  In this piece I even added clouds in the sky.  If your child is able, have them draw the scene related to their stickers.

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Mama Loves Monday: Crayons

Posted by Krissy on May 25, 2009

Each Monday I will give you a little glimpse into what this “Mama Loves” in the form of one clever product and one crafty project! 

Clever Product

Crayon Caddy Apron

Keep your little one’s crayons handy for whenever the inspiration hits with a Crayon Caddy Apron from C Berry Baby.

Crafty Project

Photo courtesy of Jeff Prieb

Photo courtesy of Jeff Prieb

Make Funky Chunky Crayons with your old and broken bits with the help of Kim Novak Proctor over at Mommy Fuel.

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